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I know there are countless options to pick from when it comes to WordPress hosts, themes, plugins, and other software tools. I’ve tried and tested a lot of the different options out there and on this page, I’ll list my favorites. I’ve also tried to get the tools for the lowest price possible and created special bonuses if you decide to purchase through my affiliate links.

Affiliate Disclaimer & Bonus – As a special thank you for using our affiliate links (we receive a small commission at no extra cost to you) we’ve tried to find you the best deal possible as well as create a special bonus.

Bonus #1: I’ll be donating a percentage of every sale to an animal rescue charity.

Bonus #2: Coming soon.

Buy through the links below and send a screenshot of your receipt to stupidsimplewp[at] Your support helps and we genuinely appreciate it. Check below to see what products/services qualify.

Website Hosting


The web hosting company I use for all my websites. They are not owned by EIG and in our opinion, are the best in the business for 95% of people. They are much faster than Bluehost and Hostgator, are one of the WordPress recommended hosts, and are rated #1 by a bunch of different Facebook groups. They are currently offering plans starting at $3.95/month instead of $11.95/month.

Bonus & Discount: Yes.

Click here to get the current deal.

Click here to see why I use Siteground.

WordPress Themes


This is a great free theme that I’ve been using on most of my sites for a while now. The reason I use it is that it’s one of the faster WordPress themes out there, it’s easy to customize, and it works with most of the page builders out there (such as Elementor). I’ve been able to get an “A” on pretty much all the page speed scores using this theme.

Bonus: No.

Click here to download GeneratePress (free).

Click here to see how to build a site with it.


This is a great paid theme that I’ve been experimenting with that’s a bit more customizable compared to GeneratePress, offers more built-in features, and is also compatible with the page builders out there. It doesn’t have a bunch of unnecessary features that some have and that’s why it’s so fast. If you have a blog then this could be the perfect theme for you.

Bonus: No.

Click here to learn more about it.

WordPress Plugins

SG Optimizer

This is the plugin I use to optimize my sites for speed and compress the images on them. It’s only available for Siteground users (another reason I use them) and is the plugin I’ve had the best results with (for free plugins). You can use it to cache your website, optimize HTML/Java, lazy load images, and compress images.

Bonus: Yes (if you join Siteground through the link above).

Click here to learn more about it.


This is another great free plugin that I use with SG Optimizer to get super-fast page speed scores on my sites. I use it to optimize HTML, Java, and CSS (and then SG Optimizer for the rest). It’s not quite as useful as some of the paid options out there but it’ll get you 90% of the way there for free.

Bonus: No.

Click here to learn more.

Yoast SEO

This is the number 1 SEO plugin currently on the market and is used by over 5 million sites. It’s not going to make or break your site but it will help you edit the snippet that appears on Google and change your meta description. It’ll also suggest things you can do to your pages that will improve the chances of getting ranked.

Bonus: No.

Click here to learn more.


If you’re using GeneratePress, Acabado, or pretty much any other theme out there and want to be able to drag and drop elements then this will be for you. There are other page builders out there but this is the most popular and works great. It’ll slow your site down a bit but it’s not too bad. This could be perfect for you if you have an offline business and want to make something a little more professional looking. Plus, it’s free.

Bonus: No.

Click here to download it.


Project 24

This is the number 1 course I’d recommend if you’re looking to build a website/blog and make money from it. It’ll walk you through how to build a site, how to do SEO (search engine optimization) through creating content, how to use Pinterest and YouTube to grow your site, and how to monetize things. It’ll work if you’re trying to turn your hobby into a business or even if you have an offline business and want more traffic from Google.

Bonus: Yes.

Click here to learn more.

Additional Tools


This is my favorite email marketing service if you’re wanting to build an email list for your website. It’s designed specifically for bloggers but will work in pretty much any industry. You can segment your list from actions they take, create an autoresponder series, and build landing pages and opt-in boxes.

Bonus: Yes.

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