Why Siteground Is The Best WordPress Host Of 2019 (Plus Discount & Bonus)

siteground hosting review

Every single one of my websites is hosted with Siteground and in this post, I’m going to be showing you why not only myself but thousands of others are saying Siteground is the #1 web hosting company of 2019.

You’ve probably heard of Bluehost and Hostgator before and I have used both of them in the past. They’re kind of the big guys on the block but they’re probably not the best option to go with (and I’ll explain why in a sec).

That being said, Siteground isn’t perfect by any means but they’re as close to it as I’ve seen. Speed, uptime, features, and pricing are all top-notch. I’ve been able to get my sites to 98/100 on the Google Speed Test and a lot of that is because of having my site on Siteground.

There are literally thousands of different hosting companies to pick from which makes it pretty tough. I don’t want to force you to go with Siteground but all I’ll ask if that you avoid hosts owned by EIG (and yes, that’s Bluehost and Hostgator). EIG owns hundreds of small hosting companies and they’re known for cramming way too many people on the same service which will hurt performance.

Let me just quickly mention some Siteground cons.

The first is the renewal fees. Generally, the first year or two are extremely affordable with Siteground but after your initial contract is up they’ll increase the prices. It’s not by a crazy amount and I’m actually fine with that because they don’t want to have everyone on the same servers like EIG companies.

The second is the CPU overages. If you get the basic plan with Siteground and have a site that gets a lot of traffic or uses a lot of heavy plugins you could run into some CPU problems. Get a more premium plan if that’s you and try to not uses too many plugins on your site.

Why Pick Siteground?

  • I have all my sites on it.
  • Load times are faster than 93% of other websites.
  • They are one of the hosts WordPress recommends.
  • #1 rated host in a bunch of Facebook polls.
  • They are used by Yoast SEO.
  • Incredible Google Speed Test scores.
  • Free SSL, Cloudflare, and the epic SG Optimizer plugin.
  • Free migration with Growbig+.
  • Support is so much better than Bluehost/Hostgator.
  • 99.99% uptimes.

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1. I Use Siteground

I wouldn’t tell you to do something I’m not doing myself.

2. Crazy Fast Load Times

Having a website that loads fast is important for a lot of different reasons. It’s one of the factors Google looks at when ranking sites. Having a fast site generally means you’ll rank higher in Google. One of the best ways to improve your site speed is by having the right host. This is the Google Page Speed test.

3. WordPress Recommends Siteground

There are only 3 hosting companies that WordPress actually recommends and Siteground is one of them. If WordPress is recommending something we should probably take notice.

4. #1 Rated Host In Facebook Groups

Don’t just take my word. There are a bunch of different Facebook groups about WordPress and people are always taking polls. I could find somewhere around 30 polls where people ranked Siteground #1 against everyone else. Here’s just a few.

5. They Are Used By Yoast SEO

There must be something decent about Siteground if the biggest SEO plugin is hosting their site on it.

6. Free SSL, Cloudflare, And SG Optimizer

I love that Siteground gives their users a lot of the things other companies charge for. You get a free SSL certificate and also free Cloudflare (some other hosts have this as well). What I like though is how easy Siteground has made it to turn this stuff on (a couple of clicks and you’re good).

7. Free Migration With Growbig+

If you have a site with another web host (Bluehost, Hostgator, etc) you can switch to Siteground (I would recommend it). If you go with the Growbig+ account they’ll actually migrate your site over for free. If you get the basic plan then it’s somewhere around $20 to transfer your website.

8. Support Is So Much Better Than Bluehost/Hostgator

This is one of the best features in my opinion. The bigger hosting companies have so many support tickets which can mean you’ll have to wait hours and hours to get help. I tried Hostgator in the past and canceled my account after a couple of days because of their support. I was waiting over 3 days to hear back from them which I thought was ridiculous.

If I have a problem with my website I can contact Siteground and have the issues resolved within a couple of hours. Often times even less. That’s what you get with a smaller company.

9. 99.99% uptimes

Since I started building WordPress websites back in 2014 I don’t think I’ve ever had my site go down for more than a minute or two (from Sitegrounds end anyway). Most companies will claim to have 99% uptimes but I’ve heard stories about peoples site going down for long periods of time. This is one of the most important reasons to pick a good host and I can’t really say anything bad about Siteground.

I hope you found this helpful and I hope I’ve convinced you to join Siteground (if not, just avoid EIG hosts). I tried to find as much information as possible from different sources and that’s why I believe Siteground is the current best choice. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment on one of our YouTube videos (it’s the place I check most).

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