Why Is My WordPress Website So Slow (And How To Fix)

Why Is My Wordpress Website So Slow

Is your WordPress website or blog super slow? Do you always seem to fail the speed tests? Having a slow website is a crucial mistake people make because it’s bad for your visitors and it’s bad for ranking on Google. In this post, I’m going to be showing you some stupidly simple things you can do to increase the speed on your website.

So, why is your WordPress website so slow? Having a slow website is normally caused by a bad web host, a slow theme, and too many plugins draining your server power. There are other factors but these three things will make the biggest impact on your pages speeds (and aren’t going to cost you any extra money).

Watch this video to learn 13 different ways you can speed up your website:

Why Pick Siteground?

  • I have all my sites on it.
  • Load times are faster than 93% of other websites.
  • They are one of the hosts WordPress recommends.
  • #1 rated host in a bunch of Facebook polls.
  • They are used by Yoast SEO.
  • Incredible Google Speed Test scores.
  • Free SSL, Cloudflare, and the epic SG Optimizer plugin.
  • Free migration with Growbig+.
  • Support is so much better than Bluehost/Hostgator.
  • 99.99% uptimes.

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Here’s everything we’ll be covering in the video above:

How to test your WordPress website speed.

  • GTmetrix.
  • Pingdom.
  • Google Page Speed.

What are the biggest speed factors.

  • Hosting.
  • Plugins.

What web hosts to avoid.

  • Avoid EIG owned hosts.
  • Bluehost & Hostgator.

What web host I recommend.

  • Siteground.
  • Deal & bonus offers.

Get the latest version of PHP.

  • This is a simple way to 2-3x your speed.

The SG Optimizer plugin.

  • Secret weapon #1.

The Autoptimize plugin.

  • Secret weapon #2.

Picking the fastest WordPress theme.

  • GeneratePress is my favorite free theme.

Clean your WordPress database.

  • Get rid of post revisions and other useless stuff on your site.

Lazy load YouTube videos.

  • If you have a lot of YouTube videos on your site.

Optimize large images.

  • Images that are too large will be terrible for your speed.

Get rid of unnecessary plugins.

  • Use as little as possible.
  • Avoid duplicate functions.

Plugins that will slow your site.

  • The list is in the video.
  • Avoid these if you can.

Disable comments and Gravatars.

  • Having a lot of comments will drag your site down.
  • If you want to keep them then disable Gravatars.

Update WordPress, themes & plugins regularly.

  • Make a habit of doing this regularly.

Install Cloudflare.

  • This protects and speeds up your site.
  • It’s also free.

That’s pretty much it. These are the best things you can do to increase the speed of your website. They’re all essentially free and they can be done in under 30 minutes so there’s no reason to not do it. Having the right web host, a fast theme, and the right plugins should get you 90% of the way there.

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